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Working with MySQL in vBulletin
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DrCustUmz DrCustUmz is offline 11-19-2020

$db (Type: Object) is responsible for all operations in vbulletin.
Method for global use $vbulletin->db, locally $db
  • $db->query();
    Similar to the PHP function mysql_query()
  • $db->query_read();
    For executing SELECT and SHOW queries
  • $db->query_write();
    Executes database modification queries INSERT, REPLACE, UPDATE, DROP, ALTER
  • $db->query_first();
    Similar to query_read(), but returns only the first result as an associative array.
  • $db->num_rows($mysql_resource_var);
    Similar to PHP mysql_num_rows()
  • $db->fetch_array($mysql_resource_var);
    To get all rows of a query result / similar to mysql_fetch_array()
    PHP Code:
    while ($var $db->fetch_array($mysql_resource_var)){
    // your code ($var - is an associative array);

  • $db->mysql_insert_id();
    Returns the identifier of the last INSERT query / similar to mysql_insert_id()
  • $db->escape_string(); and $db->escape_string_like();
    Replaces PHP functions - addslashes() and addslashes_like().
  • $db->show_errors(); and $db->hide_errors();
    SQL error handling. The first function turns on error output. Second vice versa
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